Engrade Support

Engrade Support

  Once you login go to the human silhouette in upper right corner and select Manage Account to change your password and setup an email address.

If your code has expired please click here and fill out the form to request a new one.  

Please find below links to common problems students and parents encounter in Engrade.  If your topic is not listed please visit support.engrade.com for more topics.

Changing my password or email - if you would like to change your password and setup an email so that you can receive password resets as well as teacher communications click here.

Changing and Expired Password - every 12 months Engrade will ask parents and students to reset their passwords.  Click here for instructions.

Forgot Username - follow these instructions if you have forgotten your username for Engrade.

Linking Additional Engrade Accounts -if you have more than one student in Mon County Schools you can link them together for one login.

Toggling Between Student Accounts - If you have two children in school this will tell you how to easily switch back and forth between their accounts.  Please see Linking Additional Engrade Accounts above to set this up.

If you unsuccessfully attempt to login too many times then you will be locked out of your account for 15 minutes.  Please try again after 15 minutes.