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Current Scholarship Bulletin CLICK HERE:  March 2021 Scholarship Bulletin (now includes OVAC Scholarship Information)

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Purpose: Scholarship finders are wonderful because they allow you to create a profile. Scholarships then surface based on matches to that profile. It saves you a lot of time searching through each one to see if you are eligible! 

CFWV Scholarship Finder:  Go to, then click Financial Aid Planning, Click Find Scholarships, Scroll to bottom and click Find Scholarships again, Click My Scholarship Profile.  Click Sign up 

Scholarship List and Financial Aid Updates for WV Students


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The Veterans of Foreign Wars is a fraternal nonprofit organization that strives to enhance patriotism and remembrance in our communities. The organization offers scholarship opportunities for youth and teachers in our state.  For questions, contact Joey Wiseman in the Office of Middle & Secondary Learning at 304-558-5325 or David Moske II, MSW, LGSW, Commander, West Virginia Veterans of Foreign Wars, at 304-751-2823.  Please see the brochures and forms below for more information:  


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