MHS Distinguished Alumni

Newest Distinguished Alumni Members

Elliott Portnoy - Class of 1983.  During his time at MHS, he participated in tennis and cross country.  He attended Syracuse, Oxford, and Harvard Law School.  You can also see his picture on the Scholarship Wall in our main lobby as Elliott was a Rhodes Scholar.  He is CEO of Dentons, the largest law firm in the world.  He is founder of K.E.E.N., an international nonprofit serving children with disabilities.  Elliott and his family live in the Washington D.C. area.

Farai Simoyi - Class of 2001.  While at MHS, Farai was the student body president.  She is a fashion designer who has worked with people such as Beyoncé.  Farai has also written fashion articles for Forbes and Vogue.  She was featured on the Netflix show, Next in Fashion and was recently named Program Fashion Director at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  She has a boutique called the Narativ in Brooklyn, where she resides with her husband and little boy. 

Michael Tomasky – Class of 1978.  Michael was a member of Student Council, Key Club, and the baseball team while attending MHS.  He is a political journalist and author.  He is a regular contributor to the NY Times and is the author of 5 books and is working on more.  He is a regular on CSPAN.  He lives in the Washington, D.C. area.


MHS Distinguished Alumni Members

C. Glenn Zinn – Class of 1923 - Prominent Banker

General Earl Anderson – Class of 1936 - Assistant Commander United States Marine Corp.

Colonel Ralph Albertazzi – Class of 1941 - Pilot Air Force One

Don Knotts – Class of 1942 – TV/Movie Star

Thomas Mazzocco – Class of 1951 – Opthalmologist/Inventor

Ron McCroby – Class of 1951 – World Renowned Whistler/Art of Whistling/Musician/Ad

Glen Hiner – Class of 1953 – CEO Owens-Corning

Priscilla Miller Haden – Class of 1954 – WV Board of Education President

Judge Charles Haden – Class of 1954 – WV Supreme Court

James Bennett – Class of 1958 – Businessman Equitas Ltd.

Neil Bucklew – Class of 1958 – President Emeritus WVU

Judith Marie Faunce Garcia – Class of 1958 – Educator/Coordinator/NASA: Finalist-Teacher in Space Program

Linda Phillips – Class of 1958 – Opera Singer New York Metropolitan Opera

Joseph Antonini – Class of 1959 – CEO Kmart Corporation   

Norma Beasley – Class of 1959 – Harcourt Brace Publishers Educational Graphics

David Selby – Class of 1959 – TV/Movie Star

Charles Vest – Class of 1959 – President MIT

George Bennett – Class of 1962 – Serial Entrepreneur/CEO Fairview Med. Sysc. Corp CEO Good Measures LLC

Thomas Bennett – Class of 1965 – Congressional Medal of Honor

Thomas Canning – Class of 1965 – Music Producer/Writer

Lawrence Kasdan – Class of 1966 – Film Director/Screenwriter

Michael Toothman – Class of 1966 – VP of Tillinghast & Towers Perrin Co.

Bill Titus – Class of 1970 – NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Official

Jerry Black – Class of 1977 – International Business Leader Aeon Co. Ltd.

Wesley Bush – Class of 1979 – Systems Engineer/Business Executive - CEO/President Northrop Grumman  

Nickolas Katsakis – Class of 1995 – Chief Advisor for Political & Economic Affairs to US Ambassador

Lori Arbogast-Sherlock – Class of 1996 – National Health Leader National/World Tri-

Chris Yura – Class of 1999 – Founder Sustain-U Clothing

James Snyder – Class of 1954 – ABC Science Correspondent

Peter Wilson – Class of 1986 – “President’s Own” US Marine Band Music

Farai Simoyi – Class of 2001 – Fashion Designer and Design Entrepreneur

Michael Tomasky – Class of 1978 – Journalist & Author, New York & Washington D.C.

Elliott Portnoy – Class of 1983 – Global CEO of Dentons/Founder of K.E.E.N.


MHS Fulbright, Goldwater, Rhodes, and Truman Scholars Recipients

Jessica E. Nelson – Class of 2013 – West Virginia Wesleyan-Fulbright Scholar

Dr. Charles R. Sleeth – Class of 1929 – West Virginia University-Rhodes Scholar

Richard E. Stewart – Class of 1951 – West Virginia University-Rhodes Scholar

Elliott Portnoy – Class of 1983 – Syracuse University-Rhodes Scholar

Nathan Tauger – Class of 2010-Vassar College-Truman Scholar

Amy Beth Cyphert – Class of 1997 – Carnegie Mellon University-Truman Scholar

Rebecca McCauley – Class of 2003-West Virginia University-Goldwater and Truman

Anna Blobaum – Class of 1995-West Virginia University-Goldwater Scholar

Emily Calandrelli – Class of 2005-West Virginia University-Goldwater and Truman

Andrew Maloney – Class of 2012-West Virginia University-Goldwater Scholar

David Bonfili – Class of 1992-Harvard University-Rhodes and Truman Scholar

Timothy Difazio – Class of 2013-Northeastern University-Fulbright Scholar

Emma Harrison – Class of 2015-West Virginia University-Truman Scholar

Tonia Sarah Ahmed – Class of 2010-West Virginia University-Goldwater Scholar

Melanie Zhang – Class of 2010-Emory University-Goldwater Scholar

Catherine E. Balliet – Class of 1978-Chatham College-Truman Scholar