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Mohigan Family,

This message is from Paul Mihalko, Principal of Morgantown High School. 

As you may be aware, Tik Tok is a very popular app among high school students.  Many students use this app to have fun with friends and show off their creative side.  With that said, as with many things that quickly rise in popularity, unintended side effects begin to occur.  You may have heard of national reports that Tik Tok has become a forum for viral "challenges".  The latest "challenges" involve students damaging schools and sharing videos of them doing so.  While the origins were not near our school community, I am here to inform you that we have recently begun to see the effects at our school.  Our bathrooms, no matter the location have been torn up and vandalized recently.  We have seen sinks taken off walls, faucet handles ripped off and soap dispensers broken.  We are diligent in our efforts to combat this issue and any student found complicit in these events will be disciplined and restitution expected.  We appreciate all the responsible students that have stepped forward and come to us and reported incidents.  We are thankful for our custodial staff and other adults who have had to endure these issues and take action.

Now though, we ask for your help.  Please talk to you children and let them know that this not a harmless prank, but destruction of school property.  There are very serious consequences to these actions.  We ask that they report any incident to us directly at the main office the moment something happens.  This type of behavior should not be tolerated by anyone in this school, especially in such a common area as a restroom that we all must use.  

I have included some links to Common Sense Media to provide additional information.  Thank you for your attention to this matter and we together will solve this issue.