2020-2021 Scheduling Information & Forms

Last Updated: 2/11/2019 10:12 PM

Please see the below forms for information on scheduling.  Our Counselors will be meeting with students through class meetings, Advisory periods, and individually as needed to ensure all students complete the needed documents.  Scheduling will begin in January and continue through the beginning of February.   



January 6th-7th MTEC Interviews

January 7th, 8th,13th Middle School Presentations at MMS, WMS, and St. Francis

January 16th Q & A Night (6:30-7:30 pm)

January 21st–22nd Middle School Scheduling

January 27th Scheduling materials distributed to all rising 10th – 12th graders in Advisory following a video presentation with instructions. 

February 3rd- All scheduling materials due to ENGLISH teachers

February 4th-5th Rising senior meetings through English classes (Library)

February 10th-11th Rising junior meetings through English classes (Library)

February 13th–14th Rising sophomore meetings through English classes (Library)

Scheduling Forms Instructional Video


2020-2021 Course Description Booklet

Sample PEP, Personalized Education Plan

PEP Form, Personalized Education Plan Form

Rising 9th Grade Course Request Form- Current 8th grade students

Rising 9th Grade Course Descriptions 2020-2021

Rising 9th Grade Presentation- Current 8th grades students

Rising 9th Grade Yearbook Application- Current 8th grade students

Q&A Night Presentation 2020

Student Instructions for scheduling 2020-2021

Rising 10th-12th Grade Course Request Form- Due to English Teacher on February 5th

Monongalia Technical Education Center Simulated Workplace Application

UHS Career and Technical Education Guidance Document

Workplace Skills Application- Due February 5th

Testing Out Uniform County Policy and Application Form