The Future of Middle School Football in Monongalia County

This is an announcement regarding the future of middle school football in Monongalia County.

Due to the lack of participation rate and safety concerns (that go along with the lack of participation), Monongalia County Schools has decided to combine the middle school football feeder systems.  The decision to combine the middle school football programs is with the belief that it will help improve the instruction, safety, and development of student athletes at the middle school level and prepare them to play football at the high school level before they lose interest.  We will begin this process immediately. 

For South, this means that we will be combining with Suncrest Middle School, and our football program will be known at the Morgantown Middle Mohigans.

Depending on the numbers, we are hopeful that we will be able to play both Varsity and JV games so that every player will be able to experience the game of football at a competition level appropriate for them to develop in a safe environment.  Practice locations, equipment, and uniforms will all be topics of discussions as we work through this process.  We already have some ideas and have had discussions with administrators from each school. 


The combining of these feeder systems is something that is starting to happen throughout our state.  We have researched some of the best football programs throughout our state and most of them have some type of combined system or something similar to what we are wanting to do.  Any time change is implemented, it is not always received well.  We are asking that everyone keep an open mind and give this a chance to work.  As with any change, we will reevaluate this process constantly along the way.  Please continue to ask questions and provide feedback as we go through this process to make it the best opportunity for everyone involved.