How Can I Protect My Chromebook? Decorate It?

The below was written for SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL only….


Can I Decorate My Chromebook?



  2. NO Ductape!!!!

  3. NO HOTGLUE, Craft Glue, super glue!!! Do NOT glue fur or sequins or other 3 dimensional items to your chromebook.

Failure to adhere to the above 3 rules will result in cleaning fees and/or Chromebook repair/replacement fees.

  1. Students are provided with a Chromebook, charger, and sleeve.  THIS IS PLENTY adequate with proper care and handling to last all 3 years for the student while in middle school.  The below is ABSOLUTELY OPTIONAL.  NOT REQUIRED.


“So how can I decorate my chromebook? Make it feel more like mine?”


The most important thing you need to note in your searches for items is the size of the chromebook.


Student Chromebooks are: Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen MTK with 11.6” display


You can, also, order the below items from our South Chromebook SWAG store: 

Once you’ve placed all of your orders, please send in a check/money for the total amount.


Keyboard Covers:  

Silicone keyboard covers are awesome!!! They protect the keyboard and keep debris from falling in between the keys.  Check out some of these!!! 


Chromebook Skins:  

These are an awesome way to express your own interests and change up the look of your Chromebook as you see fit.  



Screen Protector:

The NUMBER ONE thing on a chromebook that often breaks is the screen.  The best method to protect the chromebook screen is to be very careful with the care, handling, and storage of the chromebook.  But this additional measure could be an extra layer of protection.


Protective Cases:

Just like with cell phones, there are a variety of protective cases out there for the Chromebooks.  Even with a protective case, Chromebooks must be carried from class to class and school/home inside a sleeve. 


Protective Sleeves:

Again, this is a REQUIRED layer of protection for the chromebooks.  Students are provided with a black sleeve; but they can acquire their own...except:

  • The sleeve must have a layer of padded protection.  NO homemade or single layer fabric sleeves. PADDING is important.

  • It must be meant to ONLY hold the chromebook.  Students can NOT use backpacks or larger bags that they may wish to carry more items with their chromebook.


Please remember, this is all optional. However, many of the above ideas can prevent damage and allow the student to feel more excited about the device.


Have a great school year!!!