South's Chromebook Policies

Last Updated: 7/10/2018 7:37 PM

Pic: Chromebook Policy for South

Chromebook Policy Reviewed with Students Annually

What happens when my student is caught off task or shows irresponsibility with the chromebook?

With the fact in mind that chromebooks are a privilege and not a right and in light of the fact that we want to instill responsibility and good behavior in our students, consequences will be provided for various behaviors related to the chromebooks.  These consequences are reviewed with the students when we roll out chromebooks.

We understand that accidents happen.  However, just like in real life, when we accidentally break or lose an expensive item (like our iPhone or rear end another vehicle), it often takes time to get the item replaced/repaired.  This type of real-life scenario is reflected in our consequences.

*Note: "Damage to Chromebook" reflects intentional damage to the chromebook (e.g., carving initials in the plastic casing, etc).

Whether a student has a chromebook or not, instruction will not stop for them.  The teachers are prepared to provide either an alternate assignment (e.g., paper/pencil work) or a laptop/desktop inside the classroom for the student to work from.  Students can access all their files from ANY device (whether at school or home) with their chromebook login credentials and Google Drive.  

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