Psychological Services Info

Last Updated: 8/5/2021 6:46 PM

Our award-winning psychological services team provides direct/indirect services to children, families, and schools, including referral services to community agencies and various trainings for school-based systems.  Using our knowledge of psychology and education (including theory, best practices, research, empirical findings/techniques), we collaborate, consult, and problem solve with various school teams and personnel to help students succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  Specifically, we provide: data-based decision making and accountability; consult/collaborate with all members of the school ecological system; provide various interventions and instructional supports; promote school wide learning practices; establish preventative/responsive services; and administer various assessment and evaluation instruments for diagnostic, intervention, and/or special education eligibility purposes.  In addition, we work to build relationships, provide linkages and establish partnerships that connect families, children, schools and community agencies to academic and mental health resources.  

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Angela Hayes--School Psychologist
     Coordinator of Psychological Services, Section 504 Coordinator, SAT Coordinator, 304-291-9210 ext. 1517

Margaret Cole--School Psychologist
     Mountainview Elementary (School Based), 304-291-9255

Kaylie Becker--School Psychologist
     Brookhaven Elementary, Mountaineer Middle, 304-291-9210 ext. 1542

Lisa Gainer--School Psychologist
     North Elementary/Mylan Park Elementary 
     Collaborative with Courtney Kennell at Mylan Park, 304-291-9210 ext. 1540

Lori Bailey--School Psychologist
     Skyview Elementary, Westwood Middle, 304-291-9210 ext. 1507

Mollie O'Rourke--School Psychologist
     Ridgedale Elementary, Suncrest Primary (Primary Location), 304-291-9347

Tina Solomon--School Psychologist
     Morgantown High (Primary Location), Suncrest Middle, 
​​Andrew Woolwine--School Psychologist
     Eastwood Elementary, Private/Parochial Schools, Home-Schooled Students, 304-291-9210 ext. 1519

​​​Courtney Kennell--School Psychologist
     Mylan Park Elementary, Mason Dixon Elementary, Clay Battelle
     Collaborative with Lisa Gainer at Mylan Park Elementary 

Tess Watson--School Psychologist
     University High, South Middle (Primary Location), North Elementary
     Collaborative with Lisa Gainer at North Elementary School, (681) 285-9230

Kristen Stout--School Psychologist
Cheat Lake Elementary