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Attendance Policy

  • Attend school every day it is in session. 
  • Get to class on time
    • If you are tardy you will need to go to the main office and receive a tardy slip to be admitted to class.
  • If absent bring in a written excuse with parent or doctor signatures, fill-out the absence verification form in the main office, and drop the note and the verification form into the wooden box in the main office. Make sure your name, student number, the date(s) of absence(s) are documented and the reason is on the note. Doctor and parent notes are considered excused butnot exempt unless determined as such by principal (see exempt absence reasons below).
  • Final exams are determined by the number of non- exempt absences in advisory and/or class.
    • At four non-exempt absences in class you will take the final exam for that class.
    • At seven absences in advisory or independent research mean you will have to take finals in ALL classes.
    • Four absences in 30 minute advisories constitutes taking all finals in ALL classes.
    • Three tardies equal one absence


    Exempt absences are handled by the principal and may only be for these reasons:

    • School approved curricular/ extra-curricular activities
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Religious holiday –approved before holiday(limited to two)
    • Legal obligations – with verification
    • Failure of the  bus to run – for students who do not drive to school
    • Principal discretion – calamity such as fire, flood, or family emergencies
    • Two post-secondary visits per semester for Juniors and Seniors including military visits
    • Residential Setting Hospitalization with documentation