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Cell Phone Policy

MHS Cell Phone / Personal Listening Device Policy

 In order to prevent disruption of teaching and learning in the classroom, the following policy will be implemented regarding cell phones and personal listening devices (MP3, iPod, etc.):

  • Students may not have their cell phone/PLD out or in use during any academic class without permission from the teacher for educational purposes. 

The first violation of this rule will result in the device being confiscated and turned into the office along with a report filled out and signed by the student and teacher. The device may then be picked up in the office before advisory of the following instructional day. If the student refuses to relinquish the device, an office referral will be written. A second offense will result in confiscation with a report and notification of a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must also pick up the device.

  • If a phone is evident during any academic assessment it will be considered cheating and the cheating policy will be enforced.   
  • Students may use their cell phone/PLD before and after school, during lunch, and in between class periods.
  • Students may also use their PLD (not cell phones) during Independent Research and while in the Library only if they have been granted teacher permission, are engaged in some academic endeavor, and are not causing a distraction to others.