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Final Exam Policy

Mandatory finals are based on attendance. Please see the attendance policy below.  


Students must take finals IF: 

They miss 7 periods of homeroom or IR (including the 45 minute IR), they must take ALL finals. 

They miss 4 or more times in any one class then they have to take the final in that class. 

Three tardies equals one absence. For example: students should be reminded that if they received 3 absences and 4 tardies, they will need to take the final in that course. 


Important Attendance Facts to Remember: 

In School Suspension (ISS) is considered an exemption because the student is present in the building. 

Out of School Suspension (OSS) is considered unexcused and the absence will count toward finals. 

Doctor and parent notes are NOT exempt. (Exempt means the absence won’t count against you. It is labeled as an “E” on your attendance report).  


Final Exam Calculations: 

Final exams count for 20% of a student’s overall semester grade.  Any students who are not required to the final (because of attendance), but choose to, can improve their grade in a course.  For these students, the final exam will only be calculated if it will improve the overall grade.


Questions about Absences

If students have questions about their absences, direct them to work with the teacher that has marked them absent. The teachers need to inform Michelle Wolfe in the office if there are discrepancies.


Finals Versus Comprehensive Final Test

Teachers may give a comprehensive final test to all students, but it cannot count as the final exam. The final exam must be based on attendance.