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Tardy Policy

Morgantown High School Tardy Policy

Being on time to class is essential to maximize the learning experience. Students who are late to class not only lose out on the educational experience at that time, but also disrupt their classmates’ ability to learn and their teacher’s ability to offer quality instruction by their interruption. Not being in class also creates a security and accountability issue.

The Process:

At the beginning of each period, teachers should close their doors and direct tardy students to the front office. Teachers who are on planning during any given period are asked to help direct students from the hallways to the lobby. Students will check-in and receive a pass noting their unexcused tardy. Those students will then be directed back to class. Teachers should record these students as tardy in WVEIS for attendance purposes. Certainly, there are times where you may let a student into your class “late” because you knew they were coming from the 4th floor to the far side. But, for the majority of cases, we need to close the door and direct them to the lobby. Three tardies equals one day of unexcused absence.

The Teachers’ Role:

At the beginning of each period, right before you begin instruction, we ask that you close your door and direct students to the lobby outside the front office. Do not allow students into the classroom tardy without a tardy pass. If they come to your door without a pass, direct them to the front office.

●     Mark students as tardy in WVEIS for attendance purposes.

●     If you are on planning, please help direct students to the lobby.

●     Be out in the hallways during class changes to direct students to class before the bell rings so they are not tardy.

●     If feasible, get work or post work on Schoology for students who are placed in ISS.

The Front Offices’ Role:

●     Help with tardy passes.

●     Keep a master spreadsheet of student tardies.

●     Help empty hallways toward the lobby as well as direct students back to class after they have been checked in.

●     Levy discipline for students based on the levels listed below.

The Students’ Role:

●     Presumably, students need to get to class on time. If they do not, they should report to the office to receive a tardy pass.

●     Return to class promptly after receiving a tardy pass to minimize disruption. If they are at a level that does not have them go back to class, they are expected to accept discipline for their refusal to comply with school rules.

Levels of Discipline:

●     1st Offense= Administrative Conference/Warning

●     3rd Tardy= Administrative conference/Warning/Call Home

●     6th Tardy= 1 day lunch detention

●     9th Tardy= 2 Days Lose of Flex Time.

●     12th Tardy= 1 Day of ISS/ Assignment about Tardiness/Truancy

●     15th Tardy= 2 Days of ISS

Note- additional consequences and resources will be provided to habitual offenders(SAT, 504, IEP, OutReach Services, Truancy Contract, ect.)