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Class of 2022 Scholarships

Scholarship Finders 

Purpose: Scholarship finders are wonderful because they allow you to create a profile. Scholarships then surface based on matches to that profile. It saves you a lot of time searching through each one to see if you are eligible! 

CFWV Scholarship Finder:  Go to, then click Financial Aid Planning, Click Find Scholarships, Scroll to bottom and click Find Scholarships again, Click My Scholarship Profile.  Click Sign up 

Scholarship List and Financial Aid Updates for WV Students


Promise Scholarship Walk Through:


Scholarship Links:


Update March 2nd:

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship march 21st 2022 BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship - Participate - SAE International
Form Switft Scholarship April  15th 2022 Startup Scholarship (
Lockheed Martin Stem Scholarship April 1st 2022 Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship | Lockheed Martin
Interech Foundation Stem Scholarship April 15th 2022 STEM Scholarships - Software Consulting - Minnesota - Intertech
Dairyshrine Scholarships March 15th 2022 Awards - Dairy Shrine
porch skilled trade march 31st 2022 Scholarships | Porch
IWSH essay Contest April 30th 2022 IAPMO (
brower youth award may 14th 2022 Brower Youth Awards • We Celebrate Young Environmental Leaders!
Simmerman Law Office April 15th 2022 West Virginia Law Scholarships – Simmerman Law
Glenvile State Home Grown teacher TBD
Joshua Tuck Scholarship march 31st 2022 WVAOE Josh Tuck Memorial Scholarship – WVOS
Student Scholarships varies



Update Feb 15th:


MHS Foundation Scholarships: Fill out a separate application for each due April 1st

MHS Booster Scholarship Application: Due April 1st



Update Feb 9th:

HBCU Scholarships  deadlines vary


Update Feb 3rd:

Microsoft disability scholarship march 15th 2022
PB&J Scholarship may 31st 2022
BBB Life Lessons Essay Contest April 1st 2022



Update January 24th:

nitro scholarship jan 31st 2022 $2,000 Nitro College Scholarship
jesse brown meorial scholarship feb 28th DAV Scholarships - DAV
elevate mental health may 31st 2022 Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship - Calvin Rosser
B davis Scholarship May 22nd, 2022 Student Award Search Aid
BHW Women in STEM April 15th 2022 Women in STEM 2022 Scholarship | The BHW Group
frame my Future April 1st 2022 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2022 (
American Fire Sprinkler Assocation April 1st 2022
Abbot and Fenner Scholarship June 12th 2022 Scholarships - A&F Business Consultants (
OppU Achievers march 31st 2022 OppU Achievers $2500 Scholarship (



Update January 21st:

Foundation for fraternal excellence April 1st 2022
Student View Scholarship April 23rd, 2022


Update January 5th

Women in mathematics 8/1/2022
Mcdaniel College Educator Legacy send when applying to the college
American legion constitutional speech   contact local WV Legion office
Students experience homelessness, housing instability
Earnest scholarship jan 31st 2022
foundation 649 Asian background march 1st 2022
wv garden club various deadlines West Virginia Garden Club, Inc. - Scholarships (
Mon Health march 1st 2022 Scholarship Program | Mon Health Medical Center
Dairy Farmers of America deadline not listed DFA - What's Next? | Dairy Farmers of America (
Union Plus jan 31st 2022 Union Plus Scholarships for Union Members and Their Children
SME Engineers feb 21st 2022 SME Education Foundation Scholarship Opportunities (
JCI Senate Jan 14th 2022


Update November 17th

WV PTA Scholarship December 31st  2021
CSTA/AMC Cutler- Bell Prize Jan 9th 2022
Claire M LaPlante Engineering feb 21st 2022 
WVU CPHYS Physics  Dec 15th 2021
Hotsinpiller Scholarships feb 1st 2022
November 1st Update
Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship December 31st  2021
The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation February 1st, 2022
College Board Opportunity Scholarships Deadline Varies
Equitable Excellence Scholarship December 15th 2021
AXA Achievement Scholarship December 15th 2021
B. Davis Scholarship May 22nd, 2022  
Burger King Scholars Program December 15th 2021  
Ron Brown Scholar Program January 9th 2022 
GE- Reagan Foundation January 6th 2022
Save a Life Scholarship (2021) may 1st 2022
All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship Feburary 28th 2022             *various Scholarships* rolling deadlines
Global Lift Equipment Scholarship April 15th 2022
Lift Parts Express Scholarship April 30th 2022
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation various deadlines
Odenza Marketing group Volunteer award December 30th 2021 
Mensa scholarships January 1st 2022 
elks Legacy Scholarship Feburary 7th 2022
Washington Crossing January 15th 2022
Design a greeting card march 2nd 2022
WVU Scholarships  Deadline Varies 
Promise Scholarship march 1st 2022 
FAFSA Free Application for Student aid march 1st 2022 
JFK Profile in Courage Essay January 14th 2022
Women in STEM April 15th 2022 
Your Community Foundation: Serving Mon County Deadline Varies 
Mollohan Foundation Deadline Varies 
Mon General Deadline Varies 
Underwood Smith Teaching s December 30th 2021
Opploan Scholarship rolling deadlines 
ACF Visionary Scholarship may 1st 2022 
Fairmont State march 1st 2022  






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Scholarship Bulletin 2021