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New Tardy Policy

This is Elissa Miller, attendance designee and assistant principal at MHS with a few updates. Starting the second semester we will be focusing on improving student attendance and strictly enforcing the current MCS attendance and MHS tardy policies. All parent notes need to have a justified reason for the student being out. Also, parent notes need to be turned in within three school days of the student returning. Notes will no longer be accepted after those three days. If a student’s absences exceed two days, the absences shall be unexcused after those days unless written verification from a physician supports a longer period. 


Skipping and tardiness are two areas of concern that we will be focusing on in the second semester. It causes great safety concerns when students are not accounted for. Students are required to get to school and class on time. School begins at 7:30am. Students need to arrive by 7:25 to get into the building, through the weapon detectors and to class prior to the tardy bell. They have 5 minutes to transition between classes during the school day.  If a student doesn’t make it to school or class on time, they will be required to report to the office to get a tardy pass. Three tardies equals one day of an unexcused absence. We will be enforcing our tardy policy and students will receive consequences for excessive tardies. Please visit our website under about us, school policies, and tardy policy for more information.