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Community Service Guidelines


2022 - 2023 School Year

Community service is an honorable tradition at Morgantown High School. This provides an opportunity for our students to serve the community while developing skills in leadership, accountability, and self-management. Community service is not a graduation requirement. In recognition for community service, Morgantown High School awards medallions for 200+ service hours to be worn at the graduation ceremony as follows: Blue Ribbon 500+ hours; Red Ribbon 350-499 hours; White Ribbon 200-349 hours. Diploma seals are earned for 50-199 hours.


Community Service is an opportunity for an individual to perform structured/supervised work for the direct benefit of the community without any monetary compensation.

Service projects/commitments completed during the summer before beginning 9th grade may be submitted to the attending high school once the school year begins.

Students are encouraged to perform the service during non-school hours. Services performed during the school instructional day must have prior approval of the school administration. We support student club and organization activities that encourage students to take part in community service projects.

Community service activities must have a leader or responsible adult on site to evaluate, confirm student performance and provide a signature upon completion of the services. All community service must be submitted by the deadline date set by the school administration.

Please read and follow these general guidelines:

(1)       Support staff for a school sport at MHS, such as managers, statisticians, etc., that earn an athletic letter cannot receive community service for that time.

(2)       A parent/guardian cannot sign for their own child's hours.

(3)       Fundraising for MHS sports, clubs/organizations, monetary donations, and work based learning hours are not acceptable forms of community service. 

(4)       Hours will not be accepted from prior years. For example:  A senior cannot turn in hours from Freshman, Sophomore, and/or Junior year.  

(5)       Hours from middle school are not accepted. Hours may only be earned beginning with the summer before the Freshman year of high school.

(6)       Anything done for profit (pay or for a grade) will not count as community service.

(7)       If working a camp, mission, etc., only hours spent working are allowed.  You cannot count 24 hours a day if you are “on call”.

(8)       Donations are not accepted as hours.

Directions for Turning In Hours

  •  All hours will be submitted via the google form. No paper forms will be accepted.
  •  The google form is located on the MHS homepage under the Students and Parents tab.
  •  A separate google form is required for each location of service.
  •  In place of a Coordinator/Supervisor signature, a picture must accompany the google form. Directions on how to take a picture with a Chromebook can be found at:
  •  Hours must be turned in by the end of the grading quarter that hours were completed.
  • Hours that are turned in late will not be accepted.
  • Mrs. Ammons (Room 318) is the new Community Service Coordinator. Please submit
  • any questions to her at

Community Service Presentation