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School Spirit

mohigan headdress


We sing our song, of praise to thee,

Beloved Red and Blue.

Your proud sons and daughters,

Pledge loyalty to you.

Each year, each day, along the way,

our hearts will love thee best.

We hail thee Alma Mater,

Our own, our M. H. S.!



We sing for our dear old Alma Mater

We sing for our dear old M.H.S.

We're never through, we toast to you

Make all the bells ring, and let's all sing,

So! Here's to our ever royal colors

And here’s to our team so tried and true

We fight with might for all things right

So let’s cheer for the Red and Blue!


Words and MUSIC by

Emmet Simians, Band Director

Tradition of Excellence Video
narrated by Nancy Cain, MHS Alumna