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Ninth Grade Suicide Prevention Resources

Mental illness, especially depression, has become increasingly common in young people.  About one-fifth of all teens experience depression, and teen suicide rates have almost doubled over the past decade, making suicide one of the leading causes of death among teens. To address these concerns, Morgantown High School held a suicide prevention training and depression screening on November 1-4 for all freshmen during English 9 classes.  This program provided students with valuable information and resources.

Goals of the program are as follows:

  1. To educate students on recognizing the signs of depression and/or suicidal thoughts in themselves and others
  2. To teach students appropriate steps to take if someone they know is contemplating suicide
  3. To help students identify sources of support in the school and community
  4. For students to complete an on-line assessment designed to identify those who may be experiencing depression and/or thoughts of suicide

Thank you for partnering with us in this important endeavor.  For additional information and resources on suicide prevention, please visit the Monongalia County School Suicide Prevention Resources:  Click Here